Transparency. Simplicity. Low Fees.
We've done everything in our power to keep fees down.

Starter Basic Pro
Setup or Ongoing Fee None None None
Platform Fee (Per transaction) 0.00% 2.40% 3.25%
Platform-Fee Cover Available*
Credit Card Merchant Fee (Per transaction)

Donation made to DGR Organisation:

Visa/Mastercard = 0.30% - 0.35%
Amex = 1.43%
Direct Debit = 0.00%

All other transactions:

Visa/Mastercard = 0.70% - 0.90%
Amex = 1.43%
Direct Debit = 0.00%

* Platform-Fee Cover enables people to cover the platform fee at the time of payment. Our research shows that when offered, the majority of people choose to cover the fee.

No, we aren't joking about these fees. We've done everything we can to get them as low as possible.