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Manage all of your fundraising right from one place

Our tools help you automate your fundraising efforts, so you can continue to focus on building a better world.


View and Download your Data

Access all of your donor data in the one place. View and customise tables and reports, so you can better understand your donation trends.


Create New Causes

Create and manage causes in your OrgHQ account. You can customise your pages and view critical insights.


View your CrowdRaisers

View all relevant information about your CrowdRaisers, so you can help them help you. See who has reached their target and who needs some guidance.


Manage Other Ways to Give Listings

Set up listings so people who have goods to donate in your area can get in touch with you and arrange the donation. Manage your listings within OrgHQ.


Key Insights at a Glance

Get a one-glance overview of your donation data, with easy to understand charts, so you can become a better fundraiser.


Control Permissions

Control user permissions within your organisation, so you can manage who has authority to create, edit or view certain information.


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